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Pigs Are Flying Wealth & Success Coaching

Shatter Your Subconscious Money Blocks & Soar to Financial Freedom!

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The Ten Steps To Takeoff Group Coaching Program

(January - May 2019)

The 'Ten Steps To Takeoff' Coaching Program gives you, your career and your bank account the wings to soar to new heights! This 5-month coaching program enables you to identify and remove your subconscious blocks to money & success. Stop procrastinating, playing small, and self-sabotaging, and step into a completely new energy, level of action and destiny of wealth and success. Get Your Pigs Flying for 2019!

STEP BY STEP RESULTS: Clear Your Inner Money Blocks for REAL Changes in How You Earn and CREATE WEALTH & SUCCESS!

As we clear the roots to your deepest blocks to both money AND your value, we bring out more of your natural confidence, personal power, and enthusiastic action...and that changes EVERYTHING!

This is about you feeling FREE to be the most powerful, on-fire version of yourself to earn MORE and create wealth and success without limits.

Get ready for a startling revelation: The REAL reason you don't see more money in your life is programmed into your very mind-body connection - without your permission! It's all happening at a subconscious level which is why you haven't been able to reach your desired level of wealth and success.

Get ready to LIBERATE yourself and clear your limiting vows about money.

Get ready to EMPOWER your self-belief and take decisive, effective action.

Get ready to CREATE new WEALTH & SUCCESS.

Get set to begin the Ten Steps To Takeoff Group Coaching Program

with Barbara Scalera

Val, Director of Marketing, London: Since working with Barbara and her coaching program I have been promoted, become a featured speaker on marketing at global events, spent the past year living my dream travelling around the world, and am now moving to my city of choice for my next career move.

Cheryl, Travel Communications Executive, New York: When I started Barbara's program I was at rock bottom, having spent years in an uninspiring job and feeling completely stuck in my life and career. By Step 8 of the program I had landed my dream job with a company that only accepts 3.5% of their applicants, fits perfectly with who I am at my core, and let’s me fulfill my passions for travel and communication. The increase in self-belief and deserving from Barbara’s program gave me the courage, radiance and confidence to apply and sail through the interview process. This program hasn’t just provided me with greater wealth and success, its provided me with a whole new life and sense of self that I can’t possibly put a price on!

Kate, Translator, London: Since working with Barbara, I had my busiest and highest invoicing month ever, and decided to increase my rates as a result. I feel like I have got through that brick wall and entered a new phase of feeling confident, empowered and excited about where I’m going with my work.

Jenny, Best Selling Author & Performance Coach, Madrid: Since doing this ten step program I have dramatically grown my individual and group coaching business, and have become an inspirational speaker, giving talks to women's networking, wellbeing and empowerment groups. And, at last, the money is coming in! I have doubled my income already and have a feeling of self-confidence and excitement that I never had before.

Alex, Health Coach & Therapist, London after 2nd session: Since starting Barbara’s coaching group (and watching the mind movie regularly), I have had 4 new clients and a lottery win, but the most drastic thing has been a change in my mindset. It's as if the constant worry and anxiety about money has been lifted. That has been the best reward ever!

Phyllis, Analyst, NJ after 3rd session: I was so happy to find unexpected money pouring in. IT'S WORKING! Thanks so much!

Sally, Energy Therapist, London after 4th session: Very profound and not only soul searching but soul releasing too. Such powerful insights. It's wonderful and I can feel shifts.

Here’s what’s included in this transformational program:

  • Ten Live Online 2-hour Group Coaching Sessions selected weekday evenings, GMT time, 2-3x per month
  • Recordings of all The Sessions for 24/7 access & MP3 Download (so no problem if you miss the live calls)
  • 12 Tapping Videos & Scripts easy-to-follow videos & scripts to release negative feelings, beliefs & fears
  • Quarterly Brain-Entrainment Hypnosis Tracks Relaxing, empowering MP3 tracks to listen to as you fall asleep, on public transport, or while multi-tasking, to powerfully align your subconscious with your wealth & success goals
  • Powerful Visualization, NLP & Mindfulness Exercises that work at the subconscious level to eliminate blocks and increase your overall confidence and belief in your ability to achieve your goals
  • Coaching Worksheets to help you contemplate and work through goal setting & implementation
  • Quarterly Motivational Mind Movies 3-5 minute compilations of inspiring images, affirmations, music & subliminal messaging to watch daily to keep you motivated, moving forward and achieving your goals
  • Private Facebook Group for ongoing support, questions, and networking

Step 1: Create Your “Money Map”

Recognize how money shapes all the aspects of your life, and take back the power and consciousness to finally change what isn’t serving you. This process lays the groundwork for all the deeper work we will do! Uncover the five categories of money and become totally clear about the emotions and programming attached to each. You will have major AHA moments that give you a complete and far-reaching overview of every aspect and block in your money picture. Receive a special handout to capture your personal money map and a personalized “Tapping Technique” guide to continue clearing the blocks you uncovered during this diagnosis process.

Step 2: Discover Your Earliest Money Paradigm

Free yourself to start earning more money, eliminating debt and creating wealth. Here, you’ll see and clear the deepest layer of how and why you limit and sabotage your income due to subconscious survival vows of loyalty to your 'tribe'. Then in the second part of this process, called The Downside of Wealth, you’ll uncover and clear the reasons you create debt and/or sabotage your savings. 

Step 3: Clear Financial and Goal “Traumas”

Uncover and clear two massive sources of negative energy, shame, self-recrimination, and self-doubt. This process allows you to reclaim your self-belief, self-trust and confidence and release a massive amount of energy and drive toward your new goals. You will experience a big change you can feel on the inside and others can see from the outside - freeing you from a heavy, dark cloud that's been hanging over your money for a long time and opening up your true, embodied passion and deeper desire for your dreams.

Step 4: Create Outrageous Goals

Start making bigger strides and see results in your income QUICKLY! Be more focused and enthusiastic in marketing yourself and charging your worth. First, you’ll uncover and clear the first layer of limiting beliefs about earning more money so that you can open to bigger ideas and take inspired action. Then, you’ll uncover and clear the next deeper level of what creates PROCRASTINATION, and usually stops you from doing the very things that would create more money.

Step 5: Clear the Vows to Be Invisible and to Be Perfect

Shine the light of your own amazing brilliance more brightly, as you step on the pathway to truly earning MORE! Here, you will open up to more confidence, excitement and willingness to be SEEN so you can market yourself boldly. The process of clearing the Vow to Be Perfect that leads to “always striving, never arriving” will free you to truly be yourself: more open, more real, able to feel more in your life and be felt more by others, which creates dramatic shifts in your relationships with family and at work.

Steps 6&7: Clear the Vows to Be Invisible and to Be Perfect

Shine the light of your own amazing brilliance more brightly. Here, you will open up to more confidence, excitement and willingness to be SEEN so you can market yourself boldly. The process of clearing the Vows To Be Perfect & To Be Invisible (which lead

to hiding, playing small and “always striving, never arriving”) will free you to truly be yourself: more open, more real, able to feel more authentic and be felt more by others, which creates dramatic shifts in your relationships with family and at work.

Step 8: Increase your Worthiness Set Point & Clear the Vow of Independence

This is where you really open yourself up to becoming a great receiver and dramatically increase your sense of worthiness and deserving and ability to ask for and obtain the assistance and support you need to reach your goals and take control of your finances.

Step 9: Step Into the Highest Energy of Creating, Giving, Receiving

Clear your energy and consciousness to earn and create money in alignment with the highest joyful, win-win vibration. An eye-opening process that will reveal the biggest conflicts and 'hidden agendas' in your inner value, worth and subconscious motivation to achieve as well as self-sabotage, so you can align your actions and goals with your true, heart-based intention.

Step 10: Create Your Turbulence Terminator Plan

As we fly to new levels of wealth and success we inevitably face turbulence - both internal and external challenges including sometimes finding ourselves in a major backlash. In this session you're equipped with the navigation tools to easily weather the storms and rapidly bring yourself back on track to keep your pigs flying to reach your destination of wealth and success!