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Pigs Are Flying Wealth & Success Coaching

Shatter Your Subconscious Money Blocks & Soar to Financial Freedom!

What clients experience working with Barbara:

"Since working with Barbara and her coaching program I have been promoted, become a featured speaker on marketing at global events, spent the past year living my dream travelling around the world, and am now moving to my city of choice for my next career move."

Val, Director of Marketing, London

"When I started Barbara's program I was at rock bottom, having spent years in an uninspiring job and feeling completely stuck in my life and career. By Step 8 of the program I had landed my dream job with a company that only accepts 3.5% of their applicants, fits perfectly with who I am at my core, and let’s me fulfill my passions for travel and communication. The increase in self-belief and deserving from Barbara’s program gave me the courage, radiance and confidence to apply and sail through the interview process. This program hasn’t just provided me with greater wealth and success, its provided me with a whole new life and sense of self that I can’t possibly put a price on!"

Cheryl, Travel Communications Executive, New York

"Since working with Barbara, I had my busiest and highest invoicing month ever, and decided to increase my rates as a result. I feel like I have got through that brick wall and entered a new phase of feeling confident, empowered and excited about where I’m going with my work."

Kate, Translator, London

"Since doing this ten step program I have dramatically grown my individual and group coaching business, and have become an inspirational speaker, giving talks to women's networking, wellbeing and empowerment groups. And, at last, the money is coming in! I have doubled my income already and have a feeling of self-confidence and excitement that I never had before."

Jenny, Best Selling Author & Performance Coach, Madrid

"Since starting Barbara’s coaching group (and watching the mind movie regularly), I have had 4 new clients and a lottery win, but the most drastic thing has been a change in my mindset. It's as if the constant worry and anxiety about money has been lifted. That has been the best reward ever! "

Alex, Health Coach & Therapist, London (after 2nd session)

"I was so happy to find unexpected money pouring in. IT'S WORKING! Thanks so much!"

Phyllis, Analyst, NJ (after 3rd session)

"Very profound and not only soul searching but soul releasing too. Such powerful insights. It's wonderful and I can feel shifts."

Sally, Energy Therapist, London (after 4th session)

"I greatly enjoyed Barbara’s exceptional presentation and training style which was high end in its professionalism, yet glowing in its warmth, humour and authenticity. As a result, every session with Barbara was both extremely enjoyable and a great learning experience,"

Mike Fitzpatrick MBE, Founder, Integrity Matters

(A training and coaching company dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of high integrity leaders)

“This is a superb resource for anyone looking to create transformation in their lives. This (Barbara's Coaching) Program will help you to impact every area of your life and experience consistent and lasting change. Comprehensive and highly recommended.”

Sasha Allenby – Best-selling Hay House co-author of Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT.

“When you see someone present, you want them to interest you, entertain you, challenge you but importantly educate you in a fun, informative way. Barbara is quirky, memorable and energetic and gets her message across clearly and concisely in a way that ensures everyone's attention is focused on her and the message that she is putting across. Her skills and experience add authority to her presentations but importantly you leave, never having felt that you have been lectured to, but that you know more than you did previously and you had fun doing it."

Richard, Head of Operations, Zizzi

“I was given the opportunity to present a workshop on something I feel really passionately about. However due to the extreme fear and horror I ‘felt’ just thinking about the experience of public speaking, made me want to hide under the duvet forever, and cancel the event. After our sessions, not only did I present my workshop, but the results achieved were beyond my wildest expectations. Overcoming this fear, has completely changed how I see myself, and I feel I can achieve almost anything, and this is all down to you. The techniques, you use are powerful and life changing, but your delivery is what really counts, and your amazing intuition for getting to root of the problem quickly and effectively.”

MD, London

I was always bouncing with confidence after sessions with Barbara, with barriers removed and felt able and empowered to deal with most things. I still apply theses techniques in my work and personal life today. An amazing coach and most empathetic human being."

AS, Mediator, Islington, UK

"If you are looking for a transformation in all areas of your life, that is what Barbara can do for you! That is what she has done for my life and I am heartily grateful. All the issues that were stopping me from being who I truly am or being able to achieve what I really want in life were resolved in just a few sessions.There was a negative voice in my head, like an old recorded song, putting me down and saying I was not capable or not good enough. It was affecting all areas of my life and it seemed it was controlling me and depleting my energy. After working with Barbara, I can now say that all these negative memories were healed and they are not in my mind any more. I do recommend her work to anyone. It is much more than just a service you pay for. The experience is a re-connection with your being, with your essence, with your soul, and one we all deserve to have."

John, Coach & Practitioner, London

"Barbara is a very gifted practitioner. Her ability to tune into her clients issues quickly is truly amazing. Her client’s needs are always at the centre of everything she does. She is patient, caring and sincere. Barbara puts you immediately at ease and everything she does comes from her heart with great compassion. I have had great success in tackling a number of issues with Barbara and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to anyone."

MHH, Practitioner, Birmingham, UK

"I really enjoyed my sessions with Barbara and looked forward to them. Having a coach to support me and be accountable to actually made me do the things that I kept saying I was going to do but had always put off. I'm the happiest that I've been in a long time and finally seem to have the right balance in my life."

ZW, Entrepreneur, Essex, UK

"I met Barbara when I had major change in my life taking place. My divorce was coming to a conclusion, one property was being sold, another property was being purchased and I was just uncertain of the direction I wanted to take my life. My coaching sessions with Barbara gave me someone to talk through everything I was managing at the time and either validate my thoughts and plans or bring an alternative to the table to be considered. Overall Barbara helped me to bring some order in my life at a very disorganized and stressful time."

BA, Banker, London, UK

"Barbara's supportive and positive personality immediately sets me at ease makes me feel that I am in the hands of someone who truly cares about my well-being. She understands exactly how to get to the root of issues, recent or long-standing, and truly change the way they affect day-to-day life. I've worked with psychologists for many years and I have never had the results that I had with Barbara in just one coaching session. I give her the highest recommendation to anyone who is looking to understand themselves and change their life and their finances for the better."

LP, PR Executive, Boston, US

"I found Barbara's coaching to be great fun and very helpful. She is friendly, warm, resourceful and dynamic. Not only did coaching with Barbara help me to view my problems in perspective and search for solutions more creatively, but it was like some blocks I had were being demolished and I was finally able to think more positively and let in more of my good."

Emma, Coach, London